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Inductive Automation released a new pricing web application. You can choose various packages, Ignition modules and functionality and get prices instantly. Check it out. Zack Scriven writes details about it on his blog.

In a recent forum post Carl Gould describes Ignition price changes:

Yes, the pricing changed. I wouldn't expect this every year, but this year we did make quite a few adjustments, as you all noticed. We felt that the improvements to the Reporting module warranted an increase in the price. However, I would draw your attention to the fact that we dropped the price of the Vision module by more than the increase to the Reporting module. We also split the Tag Historian and SQL Bridge products in order to drop the entry point for a number of types of packages, allowing us to offer the new Foundation package at a sub $10k price point, a package with no limitations whatsoever. We also dropped the price of alarm notification module. We've decided to start charging for drivers in order to help fund development of more protocols, so make sure your new quotes don't include drivers you aren't going to be using. I hope this demonstrates that prices were adjusted, up *and* down, all around, this wasn't a general price increase.

Also, I think you may have missed one of the major new changes: the price of redundancy dropped significantly. Redundant gateways are now priced at 50% of the primary gateway! This means that a Redundant Pro is *less* than Mission Critical Works was.


Zack Scriven
13 April 2016

Thanks for the link Nick, much appreciated.

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