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GStore was some functionality I built into the Power Scripting module. It developed over a short time and now I think it is best to get rid of it.

GStore is short for global storage. It was a way to store global data in Python variables in Ignition projects. The main problem with it is that there is already a great way to do it -- just store global data in Python project modules. I thought I could add various functionality to gstore to make it more unique and useful. But I found that I could add the same functionality in more general ways.

GStore still exists in the Power Scripting module for backwards compatibility but I removed it from Power Scripting documentation and its use is no longer recommended.

GStore answered this question very clearly: "How can I store and use data globally in an Ignition project in a very flexible and dynamic way during runtime in an Ignition client?" But the best answer is use a Python module library; create a module level variable and functions for setting and accessing it, then use those functions in your application to store and manipulate global data.

Here is a simple example:

#project.machines Python module
#create module level variable
_machineConfig = {}
#create functions for setting and getting machines that can be used anywhere in the project
def addMachineConfig(machineID, config):
    _machineConfig[machineID] = config

def getMachine(machineID)
    return _machineConfig[machineID]

I really want to build new and useful things into the Power Scripting module, so let me know what you want.


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