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LafargeHolcim's Technical Information System Ignition project was recently featured in the Discover Gallery at the 2016 Ignition Community Conference.

The user interface in this project was developed by Perfect Abstractions. You can see a video about it at this link: Ignition Helps Huge Company Empower Thousands of Users

Here's a brief description of some of the interesting things we did:

Dynamic Creation of Template Instances

We displayed a list of names of Ignition templates in the client. We implemented the ability for users to drag a template from the list and drop it on a window. An instance of the template would be dynamically created and placed where the user dropped it. After that the user could resize, move and configure the template. Whatever the user did it could be saved and used later. We essentially created a simplified Ignition designer in the Ignition client that regular users could use to create and save functionality. You can see this functionality in the video.

Graphics Library Integrated Into Ignition

We integrated a graphics library into Ignition that shows how things are connected to each other in a graphical, animated and interactive way. You can see this functionality in the video.

Excel in Ignition

We heavily customized an Ignition Power Table to behave and function like an Excel spreadsheet. Users can add columns and rows. Users can input values and create formulas. Users can do various text formatting like change font, color, height, change text alignment and more. Users can also drop Ignition tags into cells and see real-time values. And more can be done. You can see this functionality in the video.


John Sullivan
25 September 2017

Links don't work any longer - please update - I'd have liked to have seen these. Thanks :)
Nick Mudge
27 September 2017

Thanks John. I fixed the links.
13 October 2017

Thanks for sharing the link leading to the video. I was finally able to see this functionality in the video.
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9 April 2018

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6 July 2018

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