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Recently I found out how to setup autologin for the Ignition Designer. This is the ability to start the Ignition Designer from a desktop shortcut and it automatically logs in and opens a project.

This is especially useful when developing an Ignition module that affects the designer because the designer will need to be restarted many times to test code changes.

Here's how to setup autologin for the Ignition Designer:

  1. Create a designer shortcut using a native client launcher.
  2. Edit the shortcut. Add the following parameters to the Target: -Djavaws.ignition.debug=true -Dautologin.username=admin -Dautologin.password=password
    Replace the username, password and project name with your specific information.

    Here is an example of a complete Target in a shortcut:
    C:\Users\nick\Downloads\clientlauncher.exe scope=D windowmode=window gateway.addr= -Djavaws.ignition.debug=true -Dautologin.username=admin -Dautologin.password=password

That's it. The next time the shortcut is double-clicked the designer will automatically login and open the project.

Security must be kept in mind, as this setup makes it easy for people to log in to the designer as you if they get your Designer shortcut.


Jason Hamlin
26 January 2015

I use the [space] character in my password and for this to work on my machine I needed to enclose my password in quotes.

Thanks Nick for this brilliant tip!
Nick Mudge
26 January 2015

That is good to know Jason. Thank you.
Asher Cornelius
27 July 2015

This is another great little trick for those of us that are in Designer a lot. But be aware that the debug=true flag will flood your console, as all logging levels are set to Debug. Unfortunately when I tried other settings the auto login stopped working. Thus, this trick works great only if you don't need to print to the console for any debugging.
26 July 2018

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