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Updated 27 November 2017

I started a software development company on the 28th of April 2014 called Perfect Abstractions.

I provide a range of software development services including programming for/on the Ignition software platform, GUI programming, database programming, data storage, and data processing..

I have helped many people on the Ignition forum. My forum ID is nmudge.

Here are some of the projects I have worked on:

  • I made and programmed this blog ( from scratch.
  • I made and programmed from scratch a bookmarking website called Newsconomy.
  • I was the lead implementer for a large process control system.
  • I was the lead implementer of a recipe management system.
  • I implemented an HMI system for operators on a factor floor. This system also included logging data from PLCs and storing various data in a database. The information was used for graphing and generating reports.
  • I implemented a tank inventory system which worked with a PLC program to transfer and track various substances between tanks.
  • I did various work on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.
  • I integrated a Human Resource Management system with Quickbooks.
  • I implemented a software product called the SECS/GEM module. The SECS/GEM Module is a low-level communications driver that enables software applications to communicate with semiconductor manufacturing equipment.
  • I helped customize a particular MES system through scripting and database work.

More products I built can be found here:

I have also been a web developer. My most notable work was programming most of

I am also a hobbyist programmer, interested in learning things covering all aspects of software development, learning different programming languages, operating systems etc.

If you have any questions email me:

24 December 2018

Karl Jennings
13 September 2014

I wish to discuss a technical review of a system.
The key issues appear to be the use of 2 different types of PLC Siemens Logo (modbus) and S7-300(OPC) and issues relating to getting data from both into a usable form.

Regards Karl
Daniel Schwartz
9 January 2015

We have a project that needs module development assistance. IA recommended you as their staff is unable to assist us.

Please contact me at either my email above or call me at 512 377 6969.

All the best,

Dan Schwartz
Vice President - Account Director
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