Nick Mudge Ignition Software Consulting & Development

A year ago I started Perfect Abstractions. It was just me delivering custom Ignition programming to clients.

That was great but I was only able to do so much work on my own. I want my company to grow and be able to to handle a much larger volume of work.

Some time ago I found a bright software developer and helped him get up to speed with Ignition development. He now works with me on client projects. More recently I found four more bright people and they are currently in training to become expert Ignition developers.

Perfect Abstractions is changing from being a one-man company to being a team of Ignition developers. We will be able to handle more clients and projects.

My job is changing. Instead of implementing all projects myself my Ignition development team will help. It is my job to understand what the client needs and use my team to get it delivered.

If you have software applications that need to be implemented contact me and we can talk about how it can be done.