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After releasing database-backed form components for Ignition, I received several requests for a Form Popup Calendar component for handling dates and times. This has been implemented and is now available.

The FormComponentsPalette.proj download now includes a new Form Popup Calendar component and a Form Check Box component. The Form Example has been updated to use these as well. (Upgrade your Ignition to Ignition 7.7.2 or higher for the import to work.)

Here's what these two new components look like:

Form Popup Calendar

The Form Popup Calendar component is associated with a Datetime column in a database table. When a date and time has not been selected or when the date property is None/null then a label is displayed that says, "Select Datetime". This text can be changed to whatever you like if you want to change it.

A Form Check Box component is associated with a BIT column in a database table. Any number of Form Check Box components can be used on a form.

The two new form components work like other components in the Form Components Palette.

All the form components have been tested on MySQL and SQL Server.

Check out the original blog post about form components to learn more. Don't forget to watch the videos.