Nick Mudge Ignition Software Consulting & Development

It has been a month and a half since I went out into the world and started my own company, Perfect Abstractions.

I feel strangely obligated to give the world an update. Things are going fine.

In the last month and a half I found a company that was brand new to Ignition. I educated them about Ignition, sold an Ignition license to them and have been working with them on their first Ignition project. They are a great client and I am really happy to be working with them. This is a great milestone for my sprouting new company because this is what I envisioned doing and I am doing it.

So why are things just going fine? Because I have high expectations. Because I am incredibly optimistic. Because I want to expand now, and expand a lot.

Ignition is a great software platform and there are many opportunities to use it. Inductive Automation, the company that develops Ignition, is solid. With these things I believe there is a lot of opportunity and I want it.

Great Ignition consulting and development is the heart of my young company. My plan for expansion is continuing to be great at Ignition consulting and development and finding ways to be better and better at it - what that really means is doing a good job helping my clients. And my plan includes making my company's consulting and development services and quality more broadly known and informing more people about Ignition.

This blog post is a lot about myself and my company. I actually don't really like to write about myself. Many of my future blog posts will be about Ignition software and other software things. Ignition 7.7 Beta was recently released. I can't wait to download it and explore many of its new features and blog about it.

Right now it is just me but I want to hire people and grow. Below are people I am interested in talking to or things I am interested in talking to people about. Feel free to contact me if you have ideas or suggestions or are interested in talking to me about any of these things.

  • People who want to know more about Ignition
  • Ignition projects
  • Developers who want a job using Ignition
  • Marketing ideas
  • Marketing partnerships
  • Business partnerships
  • People interested in selling Ignition