Nick Mudge Ignition Software Consulting & Development

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I started an Ignition project and module development company on the 28th of April 2014 called Perfect Abstractions.

I provide a range of Ignition and software related services including teaching Ignition, Ignition project development and Ignition module development.

For the last 5 years I have been using Inductive Automation's Ignition software and related software products to help companies solve business problems.

I am particularly good at customizing Ignition to shape solutions to fit needs of clients. If Ignition can do 100 things out of the box I can make it do 1000 things. This customization is done largely through scripting in the Python programming language or creating new Ignition modules to extend the functionality of Ignition.

I am a GOLD certified Inductive Automation integrator. I received GOLD certification from Inductive Automation because of my experience and skill with Ignition.

I help people with Ignition on Inductive Automation's forum. My forum ID is nmudge.

I implemented an Ignition module called the SECS/GEM module. The SECS/GEM Module enables Ignition projects and third-party applications to communicate with semiconductor manufacturing equipment. The SECS/GEM module is for sale on Inductive Automation's module marketplace.

Here are some of the projects I have worked on. I used Ignition to implement all of them:

  • I was the lead implementer for a large process control system.
  • I was the lead implementer of a recipe management system.
  • I implemented an HMI system for operators on a factor floor. This system also included logging data from PLCs and storing various data in a database. The information was used for graphing and generating reports.
  • I implemented a tank inventory system which worked with a PLC program to transfer and track various substances between tanks.
  • I did various work on a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system implemented in Ignition.
  • I implemented an Ignition Module that integrated Ignition with Quickbooks.
  • I implemented an Ignition Module that allowed bulk operations on components, such as adding custom properties and scripts to multiple components at the same time.
  • I added new functionality to the Click to Graph project that exists for download here: I also added Click to Graph functionality to a customer's project.
  • I helped customize a particular MES system through scripting and database work.

I have also been a web developer. My most notable work was programming most of

I am also a hobbyist programmer, interested in learning things covering all aspects of software development, learning different programming languages, operating systems etc.

If you have any questions email me: