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Yesterday I watched these two videos: The Free Software Movement and the GNU/Linux Operating System, which is a speech given by Richard Stallman, and Revolution OS, which is a documentary of GNU/Linux.

Below is a quote of Bruce Perens from the Revolution OS video. Bruce Perens created the Open Source Definition. I thought this was pretty funny:

Well I announced open source to the world on the Internet. I did a lot of the early administrative work of starting the open source inititiative. And I think six month later I was reading the words "open source" in the news all the time. I was totally astounded. And a year later I believe Microsoft was talking about releasing some source code. And someone in the press asked Steve Ballmer if they were going to open source their code and Steve Ballmer said "well open source means more than just releasing the source code." And I realized that he had read my document and understood it and was now telling the press about this. Now if you're like just a guy on the net who's not doing this for a job at all and you sort of write a manifesto and it spreads out through the world and a year later the vice president of Microsoft is talking about that, you'd think you were on drugs, wouldn't you? But that's what really happened.


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