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The title says it, I'm working on building an open source web-based graphics editor. It is in its beginning stages. Right now, currently called PhotoEditor, it can resize images and rotate images. But rotate and resize aren't currently working together yet, but that will change soon.

I think it is going to have some interesting capabilities and features. One interesting thing is that I think I am going to make it so that all image manipulation/processing gets done on original images uploaded. It currently works that way. When you copy and manipulate jpegs over and over again they degrade, that's what I've read. Well, in PhotoEditor, no matter how many manipulations and image changes you make the image won't degrade because all processing gets done on the original image no matter how much it looks like you're changing a picture that was changed before. I'm doing it by saving state in JavaScript (with AJAX this makes it feasible) and just doing single commands with Imagemagick.

I'm writing it with portability in mind. I'm writing it so it can be easily embedded into websites and web applications.

I'm writing it in PHP, Javascript (including AJAX), CSS, XHTML, Imagemagick, and bash scripting. Does anyone want it in Python?

Any comments or suggestions are welcome. But my comment system isn't working yet. (I haven't written it yet.) You can email me.


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