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It feels like it has been a long time since I last wrote an entry, and I guess it has been awhile, I suppose in blog time. It's not that I haven't had some good stuff to blog about, I have. I think it's like I haven't been inspired at the right time when it was good to blog.

I'm inspired tonight. I'm inspired by quarterlife. Artistic! and I don't use exclamation marks lightly.

I originally came across the quarterlife show while I was cruising on YouTube. I watched every quarterlife episode there was on YouTube at the time. It's a well filmed artistic show — about artists really and life. Well I came across it again on YouTube tonight but this time I explored past Youtube and watched more episodes on the quarterlife website.

One of the things that really fascinates me about quarterlife is that it isn't just a show. I mean, you can tell that it is a show for the sake of showness, artistic showness particularly. But quarterlife is also a social networking/video/art website &mdash which is also in the show sometimes. The show made me understand and want to do quarterlife. I wondered if the people behind it were doing it for the show or the social network, but now I think for both. They match like a glove.

The quarterlife about page is pretty good.

For some time I've tinkered with the idea of making videos and video blogs and such. I'm tipped over the edge now. I signed up with quarterlife and hope to be posting some videos there pretty soon.

quarterlife on newsconomy


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