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Newsconomy now has an RSS feed for every webpage that has a list of items on it.

Here's some of the feeds:

What can you do with rss feeds? A lot! Your imagination.

One thing you can do with rss feeds is use them to display items on other websites. For instance, if you look at the lower right part of my blog you will see a section that starts off with "Newsconomy: mudge's items". Below this heading is a display of my newsconomy rss feed. Any time I submit an item to Newconomy, this list on my blog is automatically updated within an hour. I created this display using a free service called Feed to Javascript. You go here, submit the rss feed you want to display, and then Feed to Javascript will create the javascript code that you will then just need to paste into the web page where you want the feed displayed. No coding or fiddling with XML required.

Facebook has an import rss feed/blog feature that I used to import the Newsconomy homepage rss feed onto my facebook profile which you can see if you look at the section of my profile entitled "Notes" on the left side.


Eliza Kermode
21 August 2018

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