Nick Mudge Ignition Software Consulting & Development

Various improvements have been made to in the last few days.

Today I released several new ones:

  1. No more browser security warnings. I bought and installed an SSL certificate which authenticates the identity of the server and eliminates the browser warnings.

  2. No more categories. I've changed Newsconomy to be tag based instead of having categories. So when you submit an item you make up or choose what tags you want to associate your item with. Right now items can have up to 5 tags. Example: To see all items tagged with programming, you would go here:, for items tagged with design: etc.

  3. I redesigned and rewrote the item submission system. Submitting an item is different, easier and better.

A lot more functionality and improvements are on the way. I've been getting some good feed back and suggestions from some people which is great.


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