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Sometime ago I built a news website called It was a prototype for a news website that I was thinking of building. I've decided to really build it. So I got a better server and completely rewrote the site. The old site is here and the new one is up. In addition to having almost all of the functionality of the old one, the new one has secure ssl connections for registration and login and is better at detecting urls and webpages that have already been submitted.

Here's a list of the current functionality:

  • The front page shows a list of submitted items ordered by most recently submitted. There are also serveral different categories that items can be assigned to, and the items in each category are listed in their respective category page.
  • You can register for an account.
  • You can login.
  • You can submit items or stories on the web that you like. You can only submit things that haven't been submitted before, but the system isn't perfect in detecting what has already been submitted. When you submit an item the item goes into your account and you are labeled as the "owner" of the item. Your account and your list of items are accessable with this link: with "username" replaced with your username.
  • Newsconomy has a trading/monetary unit called lambda represented by the symbol λ. Users currently automatically have 10 lambda when they first sign up. With lambda people can "buy" other peoples' items. By buying and selling items using lambda in this way people can trade items. Marketing talk: Newsconomy aims for a uniqueness of items for trading and selling to make a ... newsconomy.
  • Once you own an item by either submitting it or buying it you can edit your item's information.
  • Each item has a permanent link which links to a page that consists of the item.
  • A record of submission, buying and selling is kept with each item and is displayed with each item's individual page.

This is a really early release of the site. One of the reasons I wanted to release it early was to get some feedback. I really want to build the site largely based on what people think and want. So what I really need right now is some users. You can help me by checking it out and letting me know what you think. You could look at the new features I'm looking at implementing and tell me which ones are most important to you.

New features on the horizon:

Here's some of the things I think I need to add:

  • An RSS feed for every list of stories/items on the website.
  • More categories. Which ones?
  • Provide links that sort items by most recently traded and biggest trades.
  • Making the site look better. More visual design.
  • Make already-submitted-item detection better (doesn't currently recognize meta refresh redirection).
  • When a user submits an item but it is found in the database, display to the user the found item so that the user can buy it :)
  • Create browser bookmarking buttons/links (like has) to make it easier to submit items.
  • Make it so that when someone buys an item the owner of the item is emailed a message that their item was bought. Allow the user to enable/disable this feature.
  • Create a user preferences section where users can set settings. Allow the user to enable/disable the email feature in the preferences.
  • In the user's account provide a page that show's all the trades and submissions the user has ever done. Perhaps show different organizations and information about this.
  • Add a "remember me" check box to the login page so users can choose if their login sessions last longer than when their browser closes.

One question that I've pondered that maybe you could answer for me is why people would submit, buy and sell links in a virtual news/web economy?


Andrew Gwozdziewycz
9 December 2007

_One question that I've pondered that maybe you could answer for me is why people would submit, buy and sell links in a virtual news/web economy?_

Stats. People want to be on top, so you should create a stats page like that of reddit. Make it as much a game as you can.

I agree about the design, but I'll have to admit I really like the idea. I'll tell my friends about it for sure.
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