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  • Friday, get home from work at about 6pm. Spend about 30 minutes paying some bills online and making a sandwich (turkey slices, pickles, extra sharp cheese, mayo, mustard, on wheat bread).
  • Watch 5 one hour episodes of heroes. Go to bed at about 11:30pm.
  • Wake up Saturday morning at 10am and program for an hour on pet project,, the news website I'm making.
  • Jump in the shower. Jump out famished. Order for delivery a large pizza and 2 liter bottle of Sierra Mist from Pizza Guys.
  • Clean up the place and do the dishes while waiting for pizza.
  • Pizza arrives. Eat it at the table while reading the book. The book right now is Inside the Machine: An Illustrated Introduction to Microprocessors and Computer Architecture. It's really good. After pizza eat a bowl of Safeway Select Chocolate Moose Tracks ice cream while reading the book. It's really good ice cream.
  • Program on pet project all day.
  • Eat cold pizza for dinner.
  • At 7pm walk to the coffee shop down the street with laptop in hand.
  • Program at coffee shop with coffee shop provided Wi-Fi.
  • Meet some local techie friends at coffee shop, shoot the bull, and show off pet project.
  • Coffee shop closes at 11pm, so go home at 11pm.
  • Program on pet project until 2:30am and then go to bed.
  • Wake up Sunday morning at 11pm and program for an hour.
  • Jump in shower. Jump out famished. Eat cold pizza.
  • Program all day.
  • 4pm: Throw some laundry in the washer and clean some dishes while listening to free online radio stations from
  • Chat with a couple programmer friends via instant messenger about programming while programming pet project.
  • Pizza is gone. Make a sandwich and eat it while reading the book.
  • Take a nap from 7pm to 10pm.
  • Program to 2:30am and go back to sleep.
  • Wake up Monday morning at 7:30am and go to work.

Only thing really missing is a blog post, which I'm doing today on Monday on my lunch break and after work.


20 November 2007

Typical response: Get a life!
Paul Drummond
20 November 2007

Hmmmm. So how do you read a sandwich then? ;-)
Nick Mudge
20 November 2007

Oops. I mean eat it.
20 November 2007

pretty sad ! how about meeting some people ?
Nick Mudge
20 November 2007

Fuck you. You guys are assholes. What about getting some work done? huh? Maybe I want to start a start up. I got a lot of programming done that weekend. A lot of progress. I do a lot of things in life. This is one weekend, even if typical. I was really productive that weekend, and it makes me feel good. I'm dedicated to a purpose and I work. I enjoy having some meaning, purpose and direction in my life. A lot of people piss away their weekend.
20 November 2007

LOL. I thought it was a joke at first.
Conal Elliott
20 November 2007

Sounds like a pretty fun weekend to me.
20 November 2007

Forget those guys, you're working hard on a project and that's commendable.
21 November 2007

> A lot of people piss away their weekend.

That's exactly what I thought when I read this list. You manage to catch an hour here and there for programming, but set aside five hours to watch Heroes. That's what *I* call pissing away your weekend.

21 November 2007

You should try and squeeze exercise in there somewhere (if you don't usually). Your health is important. A side-effect is that it often makes you more productive when you are at the computer.
Trey Mudge
1 December 2007


I am so glad you are doing something you love. Many never find something like that.

9 January 2008

Bezalel, John... your comments epitomize irony! I mean it, you guys are ridiculous! Trolling the internet critisizing blogs is one thing, but accusing the author of not having a life and being sad! Look in the mirror, assholes!

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