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I decided to go with Firefox as my browser. I gave it an honest try. I added a few extensions, and it's really great having them, and in general I like Firefox. I'll definitely backup and support Firefox. In my opinion it's one of the best things to happen to browsers. But the problem I have with it is that sometimes things slow down, sometimes it freezes a little. It's really not a big deal, and it is probably comparatively a fast browser. But I am a very active web browser. I need a browser that can keep up with me. I'm fast. I like to jump around a lot like a lot of webpages do. Maybe Firefox is fast enough, and it's just the few extensions I added that are slowing it down. Maybe. There's Swiftfox, an optimized build of Firefox. I haven't tried it.

For a long time I was an Opera user. Primarily because Opera is so fast. It's rendering doesn't look that good to me. Firefox and Internet Explorer, probably other browsers Safari etc, render better and make webpages nicer than Opera. But on the web I really have a need for speed, and Opera in my experience has been the only thing quick enough and stable enough to deliver. After all when you are really just an information hound, what you are really looking for is information, and the speed with which you get, consume, handle and work with information has a lot to do with how much power you generate and much you get done.

So I'm switching back to Opera, using Opera 9, and I'll see how it goes. It's pretty quick. It doesn't have the flash plug in installed. I don't know if I am going to install it. But that's okay I'll use Firefox for that and other things like in Web development and/or Web design etc.

(22 May 2007) Comment from Matthew Bedford:

I agree with you about the speed thing. I use opera for myspace (I hate myspace, but I have a few friends there and I have a musician profile, something facebook doesn't have). But I like the power and ease of firefox. Firefox is a browser for the masses and as such puts more emphasis on usability than speed. Opera is too distinct, has a steep learning curve, and uses proprietary tools to accomplish common tasks (file management) which allow it to be faster, but come at the expense of usability.

BTW, I'm looking into writing a plugin for wordpress for creating a full subscription management tool that ties into the wordpress user system. All current WP subscription tools use a separate list for their user/subscription info. So I'll probably have questions about php and java and such...


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