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Five months ago I was browsing YouTube and I came across a random video of a girl singing. It was bright and red and the girl was pretty. It was of a girl named Esmee Denters singing a Justin Timberlake song. Now, there's thousands of home videos of people singing on YouTube, some good and a lot of them not. I watched this one and she was so good. This was really something else. I was stunned and watched it several times. This is the video.

One thing that I didn't understand was why there was a guy talking in the end and why he said, "She sings my song better than me." This didn't make sense because the title said the song was a Justin Timberlake song. Later that night I realized that guy was Justin Timberlake.

Today I came across a video of Esmee Denters on Oprah. Oprah tells her story.
The world, and Justin Timberlake, found her on the Internet. This girl is big.


19 November 2007

Hey Nick. I saw that video. It is good. That is JT at the end. You can hear him singing backup vocals if you listen close. B
Nick Mudge
20 November 2007

Hey B! I realized that.
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