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I did all of the exercises in the book Programming in Haskell to chapter 8. I'm starting over from the beginning. If you are interested in doing the exercises in the book, it would be fun to compare solutions. Let me know.


Paul R. Potts
17 September 2007

Hi Nick,

I would be interested in exchanging solutions. I need to get back into Haskell. I was blogging about Haskell programming a while back but have gotten sidetracked... that would give me an excuse to pick it back up.
Dave Colwell
17 September 2007


I've been studying Hutton's book for the past couple of months and have read through chapter 10. I've solved exercises up through chapter 5. I would definitely enjoy sharing/discussing problem solutions. It's motivating knowing others will be looking at my code!
David Thompson
26 September 2007

I have been working through the exercises in this book (I am floundering in chapter 8).

I'd be quite happy to seen you some of my solutions for any of the earlier chapters. Send mail if your interested
Christopher Flannery
20 November 2018

Programing in Haskell exercises was not easy this has the toughest codes on it that was not easy to remember. I often stuck while making program so I took help from this has all the code of all the language that a program need.
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