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An interesting thing about Haskell for me is that it hasn't been very clear to me why I'm so interested in it. This is revealing from a post by Bryan O'Sullivan:

We puzzled with Simon over the mystery of this recent buzz around functional programming languages. The best stab I could make at a guess was that languages like Python and Ruby have introduced a generation of programmers to the idea that their code can be expressive and concise. News is percolating out that Haskell offers comparable or better facilities for abstraction and brevity, but with the additional benefits of safety, native code performance, and multicore scalability.

The quote comes from a post Bryan O'Sullivan wrote about Simon Peyton Jones' Haskell sessions at OSCON: A brief Haskell-at-OSCON trip report

John Goerzen also wrote an interesting post about Simon's talk at OSCON.


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