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λ    One of the things I've thought about and has been suggested to me by friends is that there should be a name for the monetary unit used on other than "Units".

Tonight at the grocery store it came to me. Lambda!

Lambda is the 11th letter in the greek alphabet and has the value 30 in the greek numeral system. The symbol λ is the lambda letter.

Part of how I got this idea is through the study functional programming languages, of which lambda calculus plays a rather significant role.

Thanks to Aaron Parecki for suggesting today that I make a better name.

Paul Wells pointed out to me that the lambda character is also used as a logo for Half-Life, the first-person shooter game.


Doug @ Straw Dogs
4 August 2007

I remember doing Haskell at university. The lecturer was a man with serious anger management issues so ever since I've had a phobia of functional languages.
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