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I used to collect baseball cards. Mostly I would just buy packs of cards. It was fun to see if I got some good ones.

I put together a little news and information website called It is a site for submitting, buying and selling news and things on the Web. Really, you're submitting, selling and buying webpages and websites. Even more accurately you're submitting, buying and selling URLs. It is how you might discover it. It is also, of course, for casual browsing.

I have some Barry Bonds baseball cards. But I don't own Barry Bonds. I own references to Barry Bonds via thin pieces of cardboard with pictures of him. Baseball cards have value because some people agree they do, particularly people that like baseball.

Newsconomy, you might say, is a website for generating baseball cards for the Web.

Well, I just got to say, I already own Google.

But besides the game and culture that I think is part of the site, I think it is a way to generate and discover more great material on the Web. The apex of the Web is finding great stuff.


Madeleine Stainforth
21 January 2019

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