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I've been putting off blogging because I've been busy! But I can't help myself this morning, and it is 4:17AM, prime blogging time.

I've been trying to sleep and one of the things I was combating was the incessant chirping. With each chirp, each one about 5 minutes apart, I got curiouser and curiouser.

Finally I had enough. I got up and checked the kitchen. No, didn't look like it was from there. I went to the hall and looked at the smoke detector. Chirp! That was it. Maybe that means the battery is getting low? This is my first time having my own apartment, so I'm not sure about all this business. I took the battery out, and Chirp! What does that mean? It chirps without the battery?

I really can't stand bugs, and not knowing things. Well I do what I always do in such a situation, ask google. I searched for smoke detector chirping. Chirping really is the right word.

And the first thing I run into is this hilarious chirping story, that incidentally answers my questions. In this story the chirping got so bad and mysterious the guy started to wonder things like maybe there is a hidden robotic cricket programmed to add confusion to his life.

Luckily, after the final chirp that occurred right after I took the battery out, the chirping ceased.


Lisa bernard
24 July 2007

You are very funny!
Lisa Bernard
26 July 2007

Hey Nick, When are you going to get some new material up on your blog? WHat have you been doing at night? Come on I look forward to your writing.
lisa bernard
10 August 2007

hello nick, What have you been woking on?
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