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The report about Web 2.0 and blogging in government came out: The Blogging Revolution: Government in the Age of Web 2.0.

It looks pretty good. It looks pretty focused on government political blogs, mayors etc. Here's a wild thought: If a lot of the public sector took up blogging, the aggregate civil servants could have a much more significant impact than the relative tiny amount of political bloggers. So maybe that is a bigger issue.

Dave Fletcher has good comments about the report. has a nice news item about the report. Something new for me is the idea of using Second Life for real world purposes, besides financial gain.

From the news item:

Another fast-growing Web 2.0 phenomenon is 3-D immersive experiences, such as Second Life, where users assume a "virtual identity" and have a personal avatar — an animated character — that can shop, play, and learn online. About 100 universities use Second Life to conduct online seminars. Companies use it to conduct employee meetings. Government may someday use it to deliver services to constituents.


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