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How does the promotional and disseminatory forces of Lisp inspire someone to want to do something as crazy as learn Lisp for real programming?

I'm just starting to learn Lisp and my reasons are here. Maybe some of these things are true for others.

I also examined reasons I'm not learning Lisp, things that don't matter in why to learn Lisp. The degree of truth of these are besides the point, they're just not reasons to learn Lisp.

Reasons That Are Not Reasons To Learn Lisp

  • Practicality
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Support and documentation
  • Programming libraries
  • People I know use it.
  • It's the trend and thing to do.

Reasons To Learn Lisp

  • It's really awesome.
  • It's very powerful.
  • It has powerful abstraction capabilities and is very flexible.
  • The old Python reason, "I like the way the code looks". And parentheses are cool.
  • It has macros.
  • It's well suited for writing programs that write programs, and that is just so awesome.
  • Cool programming languages like Ruby, Python and Javascript draw power from it.
  • Functional programming.
  • It's well suited for bottom-up programming and making domain specific languages.
  • Paul Graham is a great writer.
  • Eric Raymond says learning Lisp will make you a better programmer for the rest of your days, and it is a programming language of particular importance to hackers.
  • The book Practical Common Lisp.
  • A lot of people are writing good/cool/great things on the Web about Lisp.
  • New people are learning Lisp.
  • Lisp is coming back.
  • Lisp is comparatively unpopular and rarely used.
  • Lisp is new.
  • Lisp is old, and old school.
  • There's missing pieces about Lisp such as libraries, documentation, etc. which provides good opportunities for developers to contribute important things to the language.
  • Lisp people are smart.
  • You can write great software with Lisp.
  • There has been good/great software written with Lisp.

Let me know any reasons I'm missing.


2 July 2007

Please make the title of your Web pages match the title of the blog posts that they display.

As it is, shen you bookmark a posting, the title of the bookmark is the name of your blog. Not useful

Nick Mudge
3 July 2007

You are right. I'll fix that! Thank you very much.
13 July 2007

I completely agree with you. I learned Lisp six years ago in college. it's pretty cool but i never got to see how functional it is in our systems since we just learn the language, make exercises, pass the course, and that't it. i'm impressed that it's now coming back. i'd better review on it then.
Sara Miller
10 December 2018

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