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Today I looked into Gtalk bot technology. I decided I wanted to make a bot for is a new community-driven web application/site that's currently in pre-beta and being done largely by Aaron Parecki. It's kind of like It's still evolving. I wish Aaron would write more about it on his blog. It's definitely about communication and community. It has some very interesting communication technology. To make posts you instant message the AIM bot untiedIM. Everything you IM that bot is instantly posted on the website and in your account (and can be other places in the website). So it is really easy and fast to post. I know there are plans to also make similar bots for MSN chat, Yahoo chat, and Gtalk. Currently you can already call a 1-800 number, leave a message, and the audio recording is automatically posted on Playing the recording on the site is really easy, you just push the play button. You can also post to the site via text messaging with your cell phone.

In looking into Gtalk bot technology I found that I didn't find that much on Web about it. Aaron pointed me to Globsy, which is a php Gtalk bot framework for building Gtalk bots. I couldn't get it to work so I looked on the Web for something else. Didn't find much, but I found this bot called Google Talk: Conference Bot.

Conference Bot is an open source Gtalk bot written in Python. The conference bot was created because Gtalk doesn't have chat rooms — or multi-chat. When you IM this bot, the bot automatically sends your message to all of its contacts. It works like a chat room.

I downloaded it, ran it, studied it and tweaked it. It can be used as a bot for

I currently have it running on Gtalk. You can talk to it, but it doesn't say much, just says something back when you message it. It's IM name:

While I had it running and was checking it out with Aaron, some random person appeared in the conversation with us and the chat bot, someone Aaron and I didn't know and came from nowhere. The person had added the chat bot to their Gtalk account and started talking to us through it. After a little while of surprise, I realized what happened. The bot automatically notifies the Conference Bot website when it runs, and the bot IM name is displayed on the website. So this person saw the bot on that website and added it to her account and started talking to us. Pretty neat. Sara is her name. We talked to her for awhile and she told us about this neat AIM bot called Spleak. Pretty developed, the bot has it's own website, and even its own blog. Looks like lots of stuff to it. Talks with MSN and AIM messengers. IM name is just Spleak for AIM.

I talked with Spleak for awhile and one of the things she showed me was her collection of videos from YouTube. I thought the ping pong and idol videos were particularly really good. Spleak is a pretty rich chat bot, web-wise.


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16 July 2018

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