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I've finished all the features that the web-based image editor has. It has some interesting features and some limitations.

Here's what you can do:

  • Upload images with a URL.

  • Upload images from your hard drive.

  • Resize images.

  • Rotate images.

  • Crop images. But after the first time you crop, rotate or resize you can't crop unless you click on the Orginal button. You can crop an image and then resize or rotate the cropped result.

  • You can save your image at any time by clicking on the save button.

  • You can remove an uploaded image by clicking on remove.

All image manipulation gets done on the original images uploaded (or the original default image) so it doesn't matter how many manipulations you make, it won't degrade the image.

You can create html links that when clicked automatically upload an image to the image editor. You can make image links or text links. For instance here's html that links an image to the image editor and passes the image's url to the editor for it to upload the image.

<a href="">
<img src="" alt="ceramic" border="0" /></a>


(Click on the image!)


You just put the image url into the image editor's url like so:


Nick Mudge
14 June 2007

Nice work.
14 June 2007

Yay! Comments are working!
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