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You are COBOL. You are very business-oriented.  You make conversations longer than they should be, and people easily grow bored by you.
Which Programming Language are You?

Oh gosh, of all programming languages. I took a programming language test and it says I'm COBOL. (I think it is because I said I liked the GOTO command.) Well COBOL does sound kind of interesting.... But I really don't know anything about it except that white space matters like Python and it's used on old mainframe systems, and it is an old language, and I've heard about migrating away from it, and COBOL programmers can make some good money. I don't know, I think this whole test was randomly generated with a Perl script.


16 January 2008

I would like some practice programming tests. ANy help?
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What has four legs, rhymes with bat and says, "Meow?" (One word answer.)
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