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To My Potential Client

My first duty is to understand what you hope to achieve. Your hoped for projects and success are unique. I will tailor my services to your projects and to your project success.

What is Ignition?

Ignition is a set of software tools that make it easy and fast to build applications. Ignition applications often monitor and control devices, processes and activities. Data is collected, analyzed and formatted to produce valuable information that is presented to people that need it or can use it. With such applications people gain insight and much better control over the things they care about.

Discover Ignition

I will help you

  1. Understand Ignition better,
  2. Evaluate Ignition to determine if it is the right software for you,
  3. Understand how to use Ignition to achieve what you want to achieve.

Communication is usually done over the phone or through email. Using screen sharing technology I can demo different aspects of Ignition that you are interested in. This is a free service for people finding out about Ignition and my services.

Ignition Training

I train people on how to use Ignition to create applications. This can be done at your place of business or done remotely using screen sharing technology such as WebEx.

Ignition Project Development

I design and implement new applications using Ignition. My level of participation can vary according to your needs and wants. I can help you get started on a project or help you through to completion. I can design or implement projects alone or along with a team of people. My help can include project design, project implementation, project management, quality control, tech support, debugging or any combination of these.

Ignition Module Development

I create new Ignition modules to extend or add new tools to Ignition. This includes writing new drivers that communicate with more kinds of devices. I also provide training on how to use the IgnitionSDK to create Ignition modules.


15 May 2014

Hi Nick,

I get a much clearer idea of what Ignition can do from this blog post. I used to think it was ONLY for automating big machines in large factories. But now I am thinking more broadly. I have a question for you: I run two small businesses out of my home, plus have two boys that are in a home school program. So there are home and business activities I would like to monitor like weather, home security, business statistics, etc. A custom CRM would be great to include. Would you, as a competent Consultant be able to build something like that with Ignition? This is very intriguing to me.
Nick Mudge
16 May 2014

Hi Christopher,

Yes, I could absolutely build something like that!
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