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5 August 2011

Who cares about percentage growth? One percent of java or dotnet trends growth could result in higher absolute value than 9000% of some_hipster_language growth.
Nick Mudge
5 August 2011

Yes, perhaps it isn't fair to compare Clojure to those languages. But this graph does show that Clojure is entering the job scene and growing there.
Boyd Stephen Smith Jr.
5 August 2011
Nick Mudge
5 August 2011

Go Haskell!!
Richard Smith
5 August 2011

Clojure didn't exist in Jan '05. I suspect the first nonzero point on this graph represents 1 job (as 100%). So there are ~120 Clojure jobs.
Derek Elkins
6 August 2011

Agreeing with Richard Smith, you are comparing Clojure, which is a handful of years old to technologies which are decades old.

Also, I doubt is specialized to programming, so you can't search for "Haskell" as that will produce things like jobs in Haskell, TX or on Haskell St, Cambridge or George Haskell Insurance. Searching for "Haskell programming, Clojure programming" produces different results particularly for the (meaningless) relative growth chart.
Brock Burley
23 October 2018

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