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I'm a pretty good news junkie, particularly about programming stuff on the web.1 Every once in awhile I really do come across some great stuff. I came across a great piece of material today.

Now imagine this: You are a programmer and you love programming and you always want to improve your knowledge and ability as a programmer. It's a hot, boring afternoon and you start wondering to yourself about this. And then you have an interesting idea. What if you just out of the blue email some of the best known great programmers in the world asking them the most important questions you can think of about programming? You are just some guy on the Web that barely knows English, so why not?

Polish blogger and programmer Stiff did this and posted the questions and answers on his blog.

I love this comment:

That's just awesome. I can't believe no one before had this idea. I will bookmark this and study it excessively later.

Stuff I Think is Awesome

Peter Norvig dislikes Windows, Mac, and Linux. I wonder what operating system he uses.

Steve Yegge, Linus Torvalds, David Heinemeier Hansson, Peter Norvig and James Gosling were self-taught in programming even if they studied it in school.

Steve Yegge and Linus Torvalds stress communication skill as important for a programmer to have.

Math and physics aren't necessarily used that much in programming but are good to know. Steve Yegge _really_ loves math and physics. Tim Bray thought he was going to be a math teacher.

Linus Torvalds says that operating system and compiler work is about as close as you can get to playing with hardware without actually designing or building it yourself.

Guido Van Rossum uses vi and emacs.

All of them except Peter Norvig like and use Unix or Linux..

Steve Yegge said: "Great programmers learn how to program their tools, not just use them." Linus talks about programming his tools.

Linus Torvald's favorite programming book is the classic Kernighan & Ritchie The C Programming Language.

Bjarne Stroustrup's favorite programming book is also K&R.

Programming the 80386 is the hardware/computer architecture book Linus used when he started building Linux.

Both Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs and Programming Pearls were mentioned twice as favorite programming books.

Bjarne Stroustrup likes The Dixie Chicks and Beethoven.

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