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Last week was my last week working at Minnick Web Services, working on and building websites for magazine publishers (and working on eBook registration systems). It was great. I worked there for close to two years. The final large project I had been working on (with a few other people) for quite awhile launched last week. It is the redesigned News story about it.

I bought a car today, a 1994 Honda Civic Del Sol. I actually owned the car for four years, and then sold it to my dad who has had it for three years, and now I'm buying it back. I haven't had a car for close to three years. It is definitely nice to have one again.

I have a new full time job working for Inductive Automation/Calmetrics. Industrial automation is a whole new industry for me to learn about and get involved in. I am excited about it. My job starts on Monday. I will be doing programming of course.

And I got a new cell phone:)


Joshua Morris
8 March 2009

Congratulations Nick, I hope you achieve all your goals. It was great to work with you at Minnick Web. I miss your enthusiasm for learning new languages and I look forward to hearing your achievements.

Nick Mudge
8 March 2009

Thanks Josh!
8 March 2009

Congrats! Seems like it'll be an interesting job.
Paul Hepworth
10 March 2009

Hey Nick, Long time no hear..... you said that you were gong to work for me after Minnick, bummer.;)

Good luck with everything.
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