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Andrew Gwozdziewycz wrote a post about PHP 5.3's new feature that allows closures in PHP for the first time and goes on to explain it and how to use it.

I think this is really exciting for PHP programmers who have wished a more functional life. (Like me.)

Andrew also wrote a library that uses the new closures functionality to create a lot of common higher order functions and functionality. From his post:

Fn.php is an attempt to define lots of useful higher-order functions to PHP, and fix some of the things that are inconsistent with the others. Fn.php already supports the things in PHP that already exist, but adds foldr, compose, zip, andf, orf, not, any, every, curry, I, K, S, flip and a new short hand way to define functions with strings.


2 November 2009

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26 November 2018

Lot of people think that when we say PHP also has programming they go to coding and think about JAVA and C++. Here functional programming is different from coding of normal programming language. Functional programming is something which is pre coded and only by clicking on the feature we want we can execute that feature.
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