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I went through the government blog directory and took out all the blogs that haven't been written on for over 6 months. I also took out all the government blogs from the web-based government blog news reader (or aggregator) that haven't been written on for 6 months. So now these only have current blogs on them. But I am sure there are a bunch of other government bloggers out there that I don't know about, that should be added to the blog directory and RSS reader. New blogs can be submitted through this form, or emailed to me if you just want to let me know.

I also did some clean up of the blog directory in general, fixing links, changing Dave Fletcher's title to Chief Technology Officer etc.

I think the government blogs that haven't been written on for awhile are still useful and very interesting, so I've made another government blog directory, this one for past government blogs. I added the link "Past Blogs" to the current blogs directory that points to the past government blogs directory. But all of it is kind of like one blog directory, but the current blogs and past blogs are now separated.

Recently in this area I came across a few interesting things. Delaware Governor Ruth Ann Minner started blogging and stopped. But that she started blogging is extremely innovative. Is she the first U.S. Governor to blog? I can't think of any other governor that has. Kevin Sullivan blogged when he was Lt. Governor of Connecticut.

In Ruth Ann Minner's first post she says:

As Governor of the First State, I would like to welcome you to the newest addition to my Web site — the Governor’s Web log. Because embracing new technologies is so important in effective communications today, I have decided to embrace this growing trend to share more with you — whether you live, work or play in Delaware.

I wondered where Jerry Brown, Mayor of Oakland was. Then I found out he is now the Attorney General for California.

On Monday, President of the Utah Senate wrote a blog post about the blogging setup of the Utah Senate Site, which is a group blog from the Utah Senate Majority. Dave Fletcher wrote about this and said, "The Senate Site is an excellent example of how public officials can better communicate with their constituents."

A couple days ago I added Chris D. Jackson — who according to his blog is Tennessee's youngest elected official (he's 20) — to the government blogs directory. He's also Chair of the technology committee. Here's some bio information.


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